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New Patients First Visit

We are always welcoming new patients to our practice.

Your first visit will be an opportunity to get to know the doctor and staff and have a thorough examination of your dental condition. We will carefully inspect each tooth and the gums for any signs of trouble. We make extensive use of photographs to help you better understand your condition, and to monitor improvement. We will also make whatever digital x-rays are necessary to arrive at a thorough diagnosis. After we have obtained the information we need, you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment needs with a doctor. We want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of your dental condition, so that you can make a good decision regarding your future treatment. If your condition is complicated, we may schedule a second visit at which time the doctor will review his findings for a more thorough, and comprehensive discussion of your treatment needs.

Before we begin treatment, we will also discuss your financial investment, as well as the time necessary to complete treatment. If you have dental insurance, we will gather what information we need to help you understand your benefits. Once all your questions are answered, and you are satisfied with the proposed plan of treatment, we will schedule the time for you to begin.

After treatment is complete, we will schedule you for preventive visits in the future. These preventive visits are critically important to preserve your investment, and to help minimize future problems.

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